An ever-expanding suite of RaspberryPi home-automation projects.


Have you ever wanted to turn your lights off with a simple tap on your smartphone? Come on, admit it, it's an enticing idea. This open source RaspberryPi home automation project seeks to give do-it-yourselfers with a launchpad for internet-controlled GPIO switching. Start by programmatically switching some living rooms lamps -- chances are you'll be dreaming up complex electrical systems management in no time :-)

Server Software

The basis of the backend software is a Python web server (Flask) running on a RaspberryPi that directly drives the GPIO pins. RESTful JSON APIs are exposed for:

  • Single pin manipulation
  • Batch pin manipulation
  • Scheduling via cron

Client Software

A very simple web interface has been built into the web server. Currently it assumes and is limited to administering four GPIO pins.

There is a simple WindowsPhone app that provides individual and batch pin manipulation, as well as schedule viewing. This app also assumes and is limited to manipulation of four pins.