Fullcourt Development: it's about giving it my all.

I'm Courtney Christensen and software development is my passion. I have a keen interest in all things UX and UI. Great software should be effortless to use, by design. It must solve problems, not create them.

I'm particularly interested in the rapidly changing world of front-end web technologies. MV* frameworks, web components, server-side Javascript, and real package managers(!) have all grown up in just the past few years. It's an awesome time to be into web programming, and this is where is spend most of my development (and research) time.

At a Glance

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2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 future! December 2006 Earned B.S. in Software Engineering, OIT January 2007 First software job, Alliance Engineering February 2010 Started as accessibility R&D dev at ViewPlus June 2012 Started developing enterprise web GUIs, iSirona


Want to contact me about a position? Have a question about a project? Send an email to zourtney@gmail.com or contact me via StackOverflow Careers.

Also, be sure to check out my resume page!